The geolocation without the complexity

APlace is a service that allows you to simply integrate powerful geolocation tools into your application.
  • Address autocomplete
  • Locality autocompletion
  • Points of interest
  • Reverse Geocoding

There are several benefits of using geolocation API services

Geolocation API services can help improve the user experience by providing personalized content and services based on the user’s location.

Increased engagement.

By providing relevant and personalized content, geolocation API services can help increase user engagement and encourage users to spend more time on your website or application.

Better conversion rates.

By providing users with personalized content and services, geolocation API services can help increase conversion rates and drive more sales.

Enhanced security.

Geolocation API services can be used to help enhance security by verifying the user’s location and preventing unauthorized access.

Created for developers by developers.

Integration in a few lines of code
We've redesigned APlace so that you can integrate it into your application in just a few lines of code.
A JavaScript library for front-end integration
We have developed a JavaScript library to make it easy for you to integrate our API into your applications. A few parameters to give and you are ready to use it.
A RESTful API for server side integration
You can also use our RESTful API to integrate APlace into your server side applications.

Specificities for each country

Get all the useful geographical data

Get postal code, latitude, longitude, country code, city, street name, street number and much more...

Local names of cities and countries

Search and fetch the name of cities or countries in the language of your choice, in the local language or in English.

Documentation and support

We provide you with a complete documentation and a support team to help you integrate APlace into your application.

Filterable and customizable

Limit the search area

You can limit the search area to a perimeter around a coordinate or according to a country, a postal code, a region, a city, a street...

Limit the search to one type of result

You can limit the search to one type of result. For example, you can search only for addresses or only for cities.

Customize the style of the form

You can customize the fields to your liking to perfectly integrate APlace with your website or mobile app.

Affordable pricing.

Predictable pricing
No hidden fees. You only pay for the queries you make.
Pricing based on the amount of queries
We have set our pricing according to the amount of queries you plan to perform. So you can choose the package that suits you best.
A fair price
We have made the choice to offer a fair price for our services. We don't want to charge you more than you use.